Key English Chinese (Hong Kong) State
AuthProviderHelp Select an authentication provider to be used to authenticate this user's password. 選擇用於驗證該用戶密碼的身份驗證提供程序。
LabelArtistsHelp Separate multiple artists with a semicolon. 分開多重使用 (;).
LabelCachePathHelp Specify a custom location for server cache files such as images. Leave blank to use the server default. 選擇指定所需的緩存文件路徑,如圖像。保留空白以使用默認設定。
LabelCustomCss Custom CSS: 自訂 CSS:
LabelCustomCssHelp Apply your own custom styles on the web interface. 應用自訂 CSS Web 界面。
LabelEnableAutomaticPortMapHelp Automatically forward public ports on your router to local ports on your server via UPnP. This may not work with some router models or network configurations. Changes will not apply until after a server restart. 自動嘗試映射公共連接埠到 UPnP 本地連接埠。這可能無法用於某些路由器。
LabelEnableDlnaClientDiscoveryInterval Client discovery interval 尋找客戶端時間間隔(秒)
LabelEnableDlnaClientDiscoveryIntervalHelp Determines the duration in seconds between SSDP searches. 由 Jellyfin 決定進行 SSDP 搜索之間以秒計的持續時間。
LabelEnableDlnaDebugLoggingHelp Create large log files and should only be used as needed for troubleshooting purposes. 將建立一個頗大的日誌文件,建議只需進行故障排除時啟動。
LabelEnableDlnaPlayToHelp Detect devices within your network and offer the ability to control them remotely. Jellyfin 可以在網絡內檢測裝置,並提供遠程控制它們的能力。
LabelEnableRealtimeMonitorHelp Changes to files will be processed immediately on supported file systems. 支援立即處理文件系統上的改變。
LabelHttpsPort Local HTTPS port number: 本地 https 連接埠號碼:
LabelHttpsPortHelp The TCP port number for the HTTPS server. TCP 連接埠號碼應綁定到 Jellyfin https 伺服器。
LabelImageFetchersHelp Enable and rank your preferred image fetchers in order of priority. 啟用媒體圖片獲取程式的優先次序。
LabelLocalHttpServerPortNumber Local HTTP port number: 本地 http 連接埠號碼:
LabelLocalHttpServerPortNumberHelp The TCP port number for the HTTP server. TCP 連接埠號碼應綁定到 Jellyfin http 伺服器。
LabelLoginDisclaimerHelp A message that will be displayed at the bottom of the login page. 顯示在登入界面的底部。
LabelMaxResumePercentageHelp Titles are assumed fully played if stopped after this time. 媒體如果在這個時間之後停止,會被認定為已播放。
LabelMinResumeDuration Minimum resume duration: 最少恢復播放時間(秒):
LabelMinResumeDurationHelp The shortest video length in seconds that will save playback location and let you resume. 媒體比此更短將不可恢復播放。