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AllowTonemappingHelp Tone mapping can transform the dynamic range of a video from HDR to SDR while maintaining image details and colors, which are very important information for representing the original scene. Currently works only when transcoding videos with embedded HDR10 or HLG metadata. If the playback is not smooth or fails, please consider turning off the corresponding hardware decoder.
AuthProviderHelp Select an authentication provider to be used to authenticate this user's password. 選擇用於驗證該用戶密碼的身份驗證提供程序。
ClearQueue Clear queue
ConfigureDateAdded Configure how date added is determined in the dashboard under the library settings
DailyAt Daily at {0}
DashboardArchitecture Architecture: {0}
DashboardOperatingSystem Operating System: {0}
DashboardServerName Server: {0}
DeathDateValue Died: {0}
DefaultMetadataLangaugeDescription These are your defaults and can be customized on a per-library basis.
DefaultSubtitlesHelp Subtitles are loaded based on the default and forced flags in the embedded metadata. Language preferences are considered when multiple options are available.
DeinterlaceMethodHelp Select the deinterlacing method to use when software transcoding interlaced content. When hardware acceleration supporting hardware deinterlacing is enabled the hardware deinterlacer will be used instead of this setting.
DeleteDeviceConfirmation Are you sure you wish to delete this device? It will reappear the next time a user signs in with it.
DeleteDevicesConfirmation Are you sure you wish to delete all devices? All other sessions will be logged out. Devices will reappear the next time a user signs in.
Depressed Depressed
DirectPlayHelp The source file is entirely compatible with this client, and the session is receiving the file without modifications.
DirectStreamHelp1 The video stream is compatible with the device, but has an incompatible audio format (DTS, TRUEHD, etc) or number of audio channels. The video stream will be repackaged losslessly on the fly before being sent to the device. Only the audio stream will be transcoded.
DirectStreamHelp2 Power consumed by direct streaming usually depends on the audio profile. Only the video stream is lossless.
EnablePlugin Enable