Key English Chinese (Hong Kong) State
AuthProviderHelp Select an authentication provider to be used to authenticate this user's password. 選擇用於驗證該用戶密碼的身份驗證提供程序。
LabelArtistsHelp Separate multiple artists with a semicolon. 分開多重使用 (;).
LabelEnableRealtimeMonitorHelp Changes to files will be processed immediately on supported file systems. 支援立即處理文件系統上的改變。
LabelImageFetchersHelp Enable and rank your preferred image fetchers in order of priority. 啟用媒體圖片獲取程式的優先次序。
LabelLoginDisclaimerHelp A message that will be displayed at the bottom of the login page. 顯示在登入界面的底部。
LabelMinResumeDurationHelp The shortest video length in seconds that will save playback location and let you resume. 媒體比此更短將不可恢復播放。
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