Key English Chinese (Hong Kong) State
Absolute Absolute 絕對
AccessRestrictedTryAgainLater Access is currently restricted. Please try again later. 目前存取受限。 請稍後再試。
Actor Actor 演員
Add Add 添加
AddedOnValue Added {0} 已添加 {0}
AdditionalNotificationServices Browse the plugin catalog to install additional notification services. 瀏覽插件目錄以安裝其他通知服務。
AddToCollection Add to collection 添加到收藏
AddToPlaylist Add to playlist 添加至播放清單
AddToPlayQueue Add to play queue 添加到播放隊列
AirDate Air date 播出日期
Aired Aired 已播出
Album Album 專輯
AlbumArtist Album Artist 專輯歌手
Albums Albums 專輯
Alerts Alerts 警報
All All 全部
AllChannels All channels 所有頻道
AllComplexFormats All Complex Formats (ASS, SSA, VOBSUB, PGS, SUB, IDX, …) 所有格式(ASS,SSA,VOBSUB,PGS,SUB,IDX等)
AllEpisodes All episodes 所有劇集
AllLanguages All languages 全部語言