Key English Slovenian State
Casual Casual
Console Console
DisableCustomCss Disable Server-Provided Custom CSS
HeaderSyncPlayPlaybackSettings Playback
HeaderSyncPlayTimeSyncSettings Time sync
LabelAutomaticallyAddToCollection Automatically add to collection
LabelAutomaticallyAddToCollectionHelp When at least 2 movies have the same collection name, they will be automatically added to the collection.
LabelDisableCustomCss Disable custom CSS theming/branding provided from the server.
LabelIsForced Forced
LabelMaxDaysForNextUp Max days in 'Next Up':
LabelMaxDaysForNextUpHelp Set the maximum amount of days a show should stay in the 'Next Up' list without watching it.
LabelLocalCustomCss Custom CSS styling which applies to this client only. You may want to disable server custom CSS.
LabelMaxAudiobookResume Audiobook remaining minutes to resume:
LabelMaxAudiobookResumeHelp Titles are assumed fully played if stopped when the remaining duration is less than this value.
LabelMaxMuxingQueueSize Max muxing queue size:
LabelMinAudiobookResume Minimum Audiobook resume in minutes:
LabelMinAudiobookResumeHelp Titles are assumed unplayed if stopped before this time.
LabelPublishedServerUriHelp Override the URI used by Jellyfin, based on the interface, or client IP address.
LabelSlowResponseTime Time in ms after which a response is considered slow:
LabelSonyAggregationFlagsHelp Determines the content of the aggregationFlags element in the urn:schemas-sonycom:av namespace.