Key English Pirate State
AccessRestrictedTryAgainLater Access is currently restricted. Please try again later. Ye ain't allowed to be here, matey.
Actor Actor Privateer
Add Add Upend
AddedOnValue Added {0} Upended {0}
AdditionalNotificationServices Browse the plugin catalog to install additional notification services. Browse th' plugin scroll t' invoke additional bell-ringing.
AddToCollection Add to collection Add t' ye collection
AddToPlaylist Add to playlist Upend t' ye playlist
AddToPlayQueue Add to play queue Upend t' ye play queue
AirDate Air date Maiden Voyage
Aired Aired Sailed
Album Album Ship
AlbumArtist Album Artist Ship Captain
Albums Albums Ships
Alerts Alerts Avast Ye
AllowRemoteAccess Allow remote connections to this server Let ye friends from outside join the fun
AllowRemoteAccessHelp If unchecked, all remote connections will be blocked. If ye don't check the box, ye friends ain't gonna be joinin' the fun.
Anytime Anytime Whenever ye want
Artist Artist Crewmate
Artists Artists Artistas
Ascending Ascending Headin' Up