Key English Japanese State
LabelPublishedServerUriHelp Override the URI used by Jellyfin, based on the interface, or client IP address.
LabelSSDPTracingFilterHelp Optional IP address upon which to filter the logged SSDP traffic.
LabelSyncPlayHaltPlaybackDescription And ignore current playlist updates
LabelSyncPlayResumePlaybackDescription Join back group playback
LabelSyncPlayTimeSyncDevice Time syncing with:
LabelUDPPortRange UDP Communication Range:
LabelUDPPortRangeHelp Restrict Jellyfin to use this port range when making UDP connections. (Default is 1024 - 645535).<br/> Note: Certain function require fixed ports that may be outside of this range.
Remuxing Remuxing
RemuxHelp1 The media is in an incompatible file container (MKV, AVI, WMV, etc) but both the video stream and audio stream are compatible with the device. The media will be repackaged losslessly on the fly before being sent to the device.
LabelDirectStreamingInfo Direct Streaming Info
LabelRemuxingInfo Remuxing Info
LabelOriginalMediaInfo Original Media Info
PreferFmp4HlsContainer Prefer fMP4-HLS Media Container
PreferFmp4HlsContainerHelp Prefer to use fMP4 as the default container for HLS, making it possible to direct stream HEVC content on supported devices.
AllowHevcEncoding Allow encoding in HEVC format
LabelAllowedAudioChannels Maximum Allowed Audio Channels
LabelSelectAudioChannels Channels
YoutubeBadRequest Bad request.
YoutubePlaybackError Requested video cannot be played.
YoutubeNotFound Video not found.