Key English Icelandic State
AllowFfmpegThrottlingHelp When a transcode or remux gets far enough ahead from the current playback position, pause the process so it will consume less resources. This is most useful when watching without seeking often. Turn this off if you experience playback issues.
AllowTonemappingHelp Tone mapping can transform the dynamic range of a video from HDR to SDR while maintaining image details and colors, which are very important information for representing the original scene. Currently works only when transcoding videos with embedded HDR10 or HLG metadata. If the playback is not smooth or fails, please consider turning off the corresponding hardware decoder.
ApiKeysCaption List of the currently enabled API keys
Authorize Authorize
ButtonActivate Activate
ButtonCast Cast
ButtonPlayer Player
ButtonSelectView Select view
ButtonUseQuickConnect Use Quick Connect
CancelSeries Cancel series
ChangingMetadataImageSettingsNewContent Changes to metadata or artwork downloading settings will only apply to new content added to your library. To apply the changes to existing titles, you'll need to refresh their metadata manually.
ChannelAccessHelp Select the channels to share with this user. Administrators will be able to edit all channels using the metadata manager.
CinemaModeConfigurationHelp Cinema mode brings the theater experience straight to your living room with the ability to play trailers and custom intros before the main feature.
ClearQueue Clear queue
ColorPrimaries Color primaries
ColorSpace Color space
ColorTransfer Color transfer
ConfigureDateAdded Configure how date added is determined in the dashboard under the library settings
CustomDlnaProfilesHelp Create a custom profile to target a new device or override a system profile.