Key English French (Canada) State
AgeValue ({0} years old)
Arranger Arranger
Conductor Conductor
EnableFasterAnimationsHelp Use faster animations and transitions. Utiliser des animations et des transitions plus rapides
Engineer Engineer
ErrorPlayerNotFound No player found for the requested media.
HeaderSyncPlaySettings SyncPlay Settings
HeaderSyncPlayPlaybackSettings Playback
HeaderSyncPlayTimeSyncSettings Time sync
LabelDateAddedBehavior Date added behavior for new content: Comportement date ajouté pour le nouveau contenu :
LabelDownMixAudioScaleHelp Boost audio when downmixing. A value of one will preserve the original volume.
LabelEnableAutomaticPortMapHelp Automatically forward public ports on your router to local ports on your server via UPnP. This may not work with some router models or network configurations. Changes will not apply until after a server restart.
LabelEnableBlastAliveMessages Blast alive messages
LabelEnableBlastAliveMessagesHelp Enable this if the server is not detected reliably by other UPnP devices on your network.
LabelEnableDlnaClientDiscoveryInterval Client discovery interval
LabelEnableDlnaClientDiscoveryIntervalHelp Determines the duration in seconds between SSDP searches.
LabelEnableDlnaDebugLogging Enable DLNA debug logging
LabelEnableDlnaDebugLoggingHelp Create large log files and should only be used as needed for troubleshooting purposes.
LabelEnableDlnaPlayTo Enable DLNA Play To
LabelEnableDlnaPlayToHelp Detect devices within your network and offer the ability to control them remotely.