Key English French (Canada) State
PreferFmp4HlsContainer Prefer fMP4-HLS Media Container
PreferFmp4HlsContainerHelp Prefer to use fMP4 as the default container for HLS, making it possible to direct stream HEVC content on supported devices.
AllowHevcEncoding Allow encoding in HEVC format
LabelAllowedAudioChannels Maximum Allowed Audio Channels
LabelSelectAudioChannels Channels
LabelSelectMono Mono
LabelSelectStereo Stereo
YoutubeBadRequest Bad request.
YoutubePlaybackError Requested video cannot be played.
YoutubeNotFound Video not found.
YoutubeDenied Requested video is not allowed to be played in embedded players.
MessageChromecastConnectionError Your Google Cast receiver is unable to contact the Jellyfin server. Please check the connection and try again.
MessagePlaybackError There was an error playing this file on your Google Cast receiver.
EnableEnhancedNvdecDecoder Enable enhanced NVDEC decoder
EnableVppTonemapping Enable VPP Tone mapping
AllowVppTonemappingHelp Full hardware based tone mapping without using OpenCL filter. Currently works only when transcoding videos with embedded HDR10 metadata.
Controls Controls
LabelEnableGamepad Enable Gamepad
EnableGamepadHelp Listen for input from any connected controllers.
AudioCodecNotSupported The audio codec is not supported