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Arranger Arranger
BurnSubtitlesHelp Determine if the server should burn in subtitles while transcoding videos. Avoiding this will greatly improve performance. Select Auto to burn image based formats (VOBSUB, PGS, SUB, IDX, etc.) and certain ASS or SSA subtitles. Määrab, kas server peaks videotetranskoodimisel subtiitrid sisse põlema. Selle vältimine parandab jõudlust oluliselt. Pildipõhiste vormingute (VOBSUB, PGS, SUB, IDX jne.) ja teatud ASS- või SSA -subtiitrite põletamiseks vali 'automaatne'.
ButtonCast Cast
ConfirmEndPlayerSession Would you like to shutdown Jellyfin on {0}?
DeinterlaceMethodHelp Select the deinterlacing method to use when software transcoding interlaced content. When hardware acceleration supporting hardware deinterlacing is enabled the hardware deinterlacer will be used instead of this setting.
ErrorAddingListingsToSchedulesDirect There was an error adding the lineup to your Schedules Direct account. Schedules Direct only allows a limited number of lineups per account. You may need to log into the Schedules Direct website and remove others listings from your account before proceeding.
H264CrfHelp The Constant Rate Factor (CRF) is the default quality setting for the x264 and x265 encoder. You can set the values between 0 and 51, where lower values would result in better quality (at the expense of higher file sizes). Sane values are between 18 and 28. The default for x264 is 23, and for x265 is 28, so you can use this as a starting point.
LabelBlastMessageInterval Alive message interval: Ärkveloleku sõnumi intervall
LabelBlastMessageIntervalHelp Determine the duration in seconds between blast alive messages. Määrab ärkveloleku sõnumite vahelise kestuse sekundites.
LabelDefaultUserHelp Determine which user library should be displayed on connected devices. This can be overridden for each device using profiles. Määrab, millist meediakogu tuleks ühendatud seadmetes kuvada. Seda saab profiilide abil iga seadme puhul muuta.
LabelEnableDlnaClientDiscoveryInterval Client discovery interval: Kliendi tuvastamise sagedus
LabelEnableDlnaServerHelp Allow UPnP devices on your network to browse and play content. Võimaldab võrgu UPnP seadmetel sisu sirvida ja esitada.
LabelEnableIP4 Enable IPv4 Luba IPv4:
LabelEnableIP4Help Enable IPv4 functionality. Lubab IPv4 funktsionaalsuse.
LabelEnableIP6 Enable IPv6 Luba IPv6:
LabelEnableIP6Help Enable IPv6 functionality. Lubab IPv6 funktsionaalsuse.
LabelFinish Finish
LabelH264Crf H264 encoding CRF:
LabelH265Crf H265 encoding CRF:
LabelHDHomerunPortRangeHelp Restricts the HD Homerun UDP port range to this value. (Default is 1024 - 645535).