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AdditionalNotificationServices Browse the plugin catalog to install additional notification services.
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AllChannels All channels
AllComplexFormats All Complex Formats (ASS, SSA, VOBSUB, PGS, SUB, IDX, …)
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AllowedRemoteAddressesHelp Comma separated list of IP addresses or IP/netmask entries for networks that will be allowed to connect remotely. If left blank, all remote addresses will be allowed.
AllowFfmpegThrottling Throttle Transcodes
AllowFfmpegThrottlingHelp When a transcode or remux gets far enough ahead from the current playback position, pause the process so it will consume less resources. This is most useful when watching without seeking often. Turn this off if you experience playback issues.
AllowHWTranscodingHelp Allow the tuner to transcode streams on the fly. This may help reduce transcoding required by the server.
AllowMediaConversion Allow media conversion
AllowMediaConversionHelp Grant or deny access to the convert media feature.
AllowOnTheFlySubtitleExtraction Allow subtitle extraction on the fly
AllowOnTheFlySubtitleExtractionHelp Embedded subtitles can be extracted from videos and delivered to clients in plain text, in order to help prevent video transcoding. On some systems this can take a long time and cause video playback to stall during the extraction process. Disable this to have embedded subtitles burned in with video transcoding when they are not natively supported by the client device.