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Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Selecting Tracks... 选择轨道...
{0}: No Subtitles {0}: 无字幕
{0}: Fail {0}: 失败
Set Subbed: {0} ok, {1} fail 设置字幕:{0} 成功,{1} 失败
Set Dubbed: {0} ok, {1} audio only, {2} fail 设置配音:{0} 成功,{1} 只有音频,{2} 失败
Manual: {0} ok, {1} fail 手动:{0} 成功,{1} 失败
Setting Current... 设置当前...
Server URL: 服务器 URL:
Username: 用户名:
Password: 密码:
Successfully added server. 成功添加服务器。
Add another server? 添加其它服务器?
Adding server failed. 添加服务器失败。
Ready to cast 准备投屏
Select your media in Jellyfin and play it here 在Jellyfin中选择您的媒体并在此处播放
Application Log 程序日志
Add Server 添加服务器
Could not add server.
Please check your connection information.
Fail 连接失败
Ok 已连接