Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Write Logs to File 将日志写入文件
Check for Updates 检查更新
Discord Rich Presence Discord细节呈现
Your remote video is transcoding!
Press c to adjust bandwidth settings if this is not needed.
如果不需要,请按下 C 以调整带宽。
Season {0} - Episode {1} 第{0}季第{1}集
Automatic 自动
Disabled 关闭
Select SVP Profile 选择SVP配置预设
SVP is Not Active SVP未激活
Disable 禁用
Retry 重试
Enable SVP 启用SVP
SVP is Disabled SVP已禁用
The specified SyncPlay group does not exist. 指定的SyncPlay组不存在。
Creating SyncPlay groups is not allowed. 不允许创建SyncPlay组。
SyncPlay group access was denied. SyncPlay组访问被拒绝。
Access to the SyncPlay library was denied. 拒绝访问SyncPlay库。
SpeedToSync (x{0}) 同步速度(x{0})
Sync Disabled (Too Many Attempts) 同步已禁用(尝试次数过多)
SkipToSync (x{0}) 跳过同步(x{0})