Key English Esperanto State
TaskRefreshLibrary Scan Media Library
TaskRefreshLibraryDescription Scans your media library for new files and refreshes metadata.
TaskCleanLogs Clean Log Directory
TaskCleanLogsDescription Deletes log files that are more than {0} days old.
TaskRefreshPeople Refresh People
TaskRefreshPeopleDescription Updates metadata for actors and directors in your media library.
TaskUpdatePlugins Update Plugins
TaskUpdatePluginsDescription Downloads and installs updates for plugins that are configured to update automatically.
TaskCleanTranscode Clean Transcode Directory
TaskCleanTranscodeDescription Deletes transcode files more than one day old.
TaskRefreshChannels Refresh Channels
TaskRefreshChannelsDescription Refreshes internet channel information.
TaskDownloadMissingSubtitles Download missing subtitles
TaskDownloadMissingSubtitlesDescription Searches the internet for missing subtitles based on metadata configuration.