Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
dialog_web_view_not_supported WebView not supported
dialog_web_view_not_supported_message WebViews are not supported by this device.
Install a compatible WebView implementation or switch to a supported device.
dialog_web_view_outdated WebView outdated
dialog_web_view_outdated_message The WebView implementation used by your device is outdated.
Please update it to a compatible version.
dialog_button_check_for_updates Check for updates
dialog_button_close_app Close app
connection_error_cannot_connect Connection cannot be established.
Please check the hostname and your network connection.
connection_error_prefix Tried %d candidate for input, without success.
connection_error_unable_to_reach_sever Unable to reach server
connection_error_unsupported_version_or_product Unsupported version or product
network_title Allowed Network Types
playback_info_transcoding Transcoding: %b
playback_info_video_streams Video streams
playback_info_audio_streams Audio streams
external_player_not_supported_yet Playback tracking not supported in selected external player yet. Contact developers to try to add support for it.
external_player_invalid_player No valid external player selected. Playback tracking disabled.
external_player_unknown_error Unknown error in external player. Playback tracking disabled.
pref_music_notification_always_dismissible_title Dismissible player notification
pref_music_notification_always_dismissible_summary_off The notification can only be dismissed when playback is paused
pref_music_notification_always_dismissible_summary_on The notification can always be dismissed, even when playing media