Key English Ukrainian State
validation.required This field is required
version Version
video Video
videoTypes Video Types
viewDetails View details
vueClientVersion Client version
wizard.administratorAccount Administrator account
wizard.allowRemoteAccess Allow remote access to the server
wizard.completeError Unable to complete startup wizard.
wizard.confirmPassword Confirm password
wizard.languageLocale Language and locale
wizard.languageSuccessfullySet Language successfully set.
wizard.metadataLanguagesSet Metadata languages set.
wizard.preferedLanguage Prefered language
wizard.preferredMetadataLanguage Preferred metadata language
wizard.remoteAccess Remote Access
wizard.remoteAccessSet Remote access set.
wizard.setAdminError Unable to create an admin account.
wizard.setLanguageError Unable to set client language.
wizard.setMetadataError Unable to set metadata languages.