Key English Portuguese (Brazil) State
castAndCrew Cast & crew Elenco & Equipe
item.artist.appearsOn Appearances
item.artist.videos Videos
liked Liked
likes Likes
links.helpTranslate Translate Jellyfin to your language Ajude a traduzir o Jellyfin para seu idioma
links.reportAnIssue Report an issue with this client Reportar um problema com o cliente Vue
login.login Login
login.manualLogin Manual login
logsAndActivity.failedGetActivity Unable to get activity
logsAndActivity.failedGetLogs Unable to get logs
logsAndActivity.logs Logs
logsAndActivity.noLogsFound No logs found
metadata.source Source
metadata.sourceAll All
metadata.title Title
playback.playbackSource.item Playing from {item}
playback.playbackSource.shuffle Playing in shuffle
playback.playbackSource.shuffleItem Playing {item} in shuffle
playback.playbackSource.unknown Playing from queue