Key English Portuguese (Brazil) State
airPlayDevices AirPlay devices
aspectRatio Aspect ratio
audioCodecNotSupported The audio codec is not supported
books Books
castAndCrew Cast & crew Elenco & Equipe
dialog.upNext.nextItemPlayingIn Starting in {time}
dialog.upNext.startNow Start now
dialog.upNext.hide Hide
units.bitrate.kbps {value} kbps
units.bitrate.mbps {value} Mbps
units.time.seconds {count} second | {count} seconds
genericJellyfinPlaceholderDevice Generic Jellyfin device
googleCastPlaceholderDevice Google Cast device
item.person.shows Shows
login.login Login
login.manualLogin Manual login
logsAndActivity.failedGetActivity Unable to get activity
logsAndActivity.failedGetLogs Unable to get logs
logsAndActivity.noLogsFound No logs found