Key English Finnish State
discNumber Disc {discNumber}
dislikes Dislikes
edit Edit
editMetadata Edit metadata
editPerson Edit person
errors.anErrorHappened An error happened
errors.messages.errorCode Error code: {errorCode}
errors.messages.videoPlayerError The video player encountered an unrecoverable error.
failedRetrievingDisplayPreferences Unable to get display preferences. Using last known settings.
failedSettingDisplayPreferences Unable to update display preferences.
filter Filter
fullScreen Full screen
general General
genericJellyfinPlaceholderDevice Generic Jellyfin device
googleCastPlaceholderDevice Google Cast device
guestStar Guest Star
headerExternalIds External IDs
headerPaths Path
homeHeader.items.recentlyAdded Recently added
homeHeader.welcome.checkNewItems Check out what's new.