Key English Norwegian Bokmål State
lbl_community_rating Community Rating
lbl_resume_from Resume from %1$s Fortsett fra %1$s
server_connection_failed Unable to connect to server: %1$s Kan ikke koble til serveren: %1$s
lbl_starting_early_ending_after Starting %1$s Early And Ending %2$s After Schedule
lbl_starting_early_ending_on_schedule Starting %1$s Early And Ending On Schedule
lbl_starting_on_schedule_ending_after Starting On Schedule And Ending %1$s After Schedule
lbl_start_end_on_schedule Starting On Schedule And Ending On Schedule
lbl_name_date %1$s (%2$s)
lbl_time_range %1$s–%2$s
last_use Most recently used
alphabetical Alphabetical
always_authenticate Always ask for credentials
always_authenticate_description Enabling this function disables auto sign in
advanced_settings Settings (advanced)