Key English Danish State
pref_next_up_behavior_title Show next video info
lbl_switch_user Switch user
pref_theme_muted_purple Muted Purple
no_network_permissions Jellyfin requires network permissions to function
press_to_close Press to close
saved_servers Saved servers
welcome_title Welcome to Jellyfin!
welcome_content Connect to your server to get started.
server_unsupported Server needs to be updated. Current version is %s but app requires %s or newer
no_user_warning We couldn't find any users!
Add a new user by pressing the "Add user" button.
who_is_watching Who's watching?
add_user Add user
help Help
lbl_special Special
lbl_season_number S%1$d
lbl_episode_number E%1$d
lbl_episode_range E%1$d–%2$d
lbl_next_up_extended With thumbnail
lbl_next_up_minimal Without thumbnail
lbl_starting_early_ending_after Starting %1$s Early And Ending %2$s After Schedule