Key English Danish State
lbl_now_playing_album from %1$s fra %1$s
lbl_community_rating Community Rating
lbl_auto_crop Auto Crop
lbl_stretch Stretch
lbl_fit Normal
lbl_resume_from Resume from %1$s Genoptag fra %1$s
pref_next_up_behavior_title Show next video info
login_help_description Jellyfin requires a server to connect with. Visit our documentation at or scan the QR code to get started with Jellyfin. Jellyfin kræver en server at forbinde med. Besøg vores dokumentation på for at komme igang med Jellyfin.
lbl_switch_user Switch user
pref_theme_muted_purple Muted Purple
no_network_permissions Jellyfin requires network permissions to function
press_to_close Press to close
saved_servers Saved servers
welcome_title Welcome to Jellyfin!
welcome_content Connect to your server to get started.
server_unsupported Server needs to be updated. Current version is %s but app requires %s or newer
no_user_warning We couldn't find any users!
Add a new user by pressing the "Add user" button.
who_is_watching Who's watching?
add_user Add user
help Help