Key English Danish State
lbl_episode_range E%1$d–%2$d
lbl_next_up_extended With thumbnail
lbl_next_up_minimal Without thumbnail
lbl_starting_early_ending_after Starting %1$s Early And Ending %2$s After Schedule
lbl_starting_early_ending_on_schedule Starting %1$s Early And Ending On Schedule
lbl_starting_on_schedule_ending_after Starting On Schedule And Ending %1$s After Schedule
lbl_start_end_on_schedule Starting On Schedule And Ending On Schedule
lbl_record_only_new Will Record Only New Episodes
lbl_record_all Will Record All Episodes
lbl_on_any_channel On Any Channel
lbl_on_channel On %1$s
lbl_num_episodes %1$d Episodes
lbl_one_episode 1 Episode
lbl_num_songs %1$d Songs
lbl_one_song 1 Song
lbl_name_date %1$s (%2$s)
lbl_time_range %1$s–%2$s
enable_playback_module_title Enable new playback module
enable_playback_module_description This is an experimental feature. No support is provided.
last_use Most recently used