Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
video_player_external External player 外部播放器
video_player_native_description Based on ExoPlayer, supports more video formats and codecs, and is more integrated into the OS 基於 ExoPlayer,支援更多的影片格式和編碼,且與系統更契合
video_player_external_description External video playback apps like MX Player and VLC 像是 MX Player 和 VLC 的外部影片播放器
external_player_mpv MPV Player MPV 播放器
external_player_mpv_description A simple, small and light-weight free (as in freedom) video player. It supports a wide variety of media file formats. 簡單、小巧、自由的影片播放器。支援多種媒體檔案格式。
external_player_mx_player_free MX Player Free MX 播放器 (免費版)
external_player_mx_player_free_description Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support. 強大的影片播放器,支援進階硬體加速及字幕。
external_player_mx_player_pro MX Player Pro MX 播放器 (專業版)
external_player_mx_player_pro_description The paid version of MX Player which provides an uninterrupted video experience. MX 播放器的付費版本,提供不間斷的觀影體驗。
external_player_vlc_player VLC Player VLC 播放器
external_player_vlc_player_description Free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files. 免費且開源的跨平台多媒體播放器,可播放大多數的多媒體檔案。
external_player_system_default System default 系統預設
external_player_system_default_description Let the system handle the player choice, some players may not be fully compatible. 讓系統自動選擇,某些播放器可能不完全兼容。
pref_category_downloads Downloads 下載
pref_download_location Download location 下載位置