Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
connect_to_server_title Connect to Server 連接至伺服器
host_input_hint Host 主機
connection_error_invalid_format Host has an invalid format 主機格式無效
connect_button_text Connect 連接
choose_server_button_text Choose server 選擇伺服器
available_servers_title Available servers 可用的伺服器
battery_optimizations_message Please disable battery optimizations for media playback while the screen is off. 若要在螢幕關閉時繼續播放,請停用電池最佳化。
network_message Do you want to allow the download to run over mobile data or roaming networks? Charges from your provider may apply. 您要允許使用行動數據或漫遊網路下載嗎?您的網路提供商可能會收取費用。
wifi_only WiFi Only 僅使用 Wifi
mobile_data Mobile Data 行動數據
mobile_data_and_roaming Mobile Data & Roaming 行動數據或漫遊
downloading Downloading 下載中
download_no_storage_permission Cannot download files without storage permissions 因沒有儲存權限而無法下載檔案
media_service_generic_error An error occurred 發生錯誤
media_service_item_not_found Media item could not be found 找不到媒體項目
media_service_car_section_recents Recently played 最近播放
media_service_car_section_albums Albums 專輯
media_service_car_section_artists Artists 藝人
media_service_car_section_songs Songs 歌曲
media_service_car_section_genres Genres 風格