Key English Dutch State
network_title Allowed Network Types Toegestane netwerk types
network_message Do you want to allow the download to run over mobile data or roaming networks? Charges from your provider may apply. Wil je downloads toestaan over mobiele data of tijdens roaming? Je provider kan hiervoor kosten in rekening brengen.
wifi_only WiFi Only Alleen op WiFi
mobile_data Mobile Data Mobiele data
mobile_data_and_roaming Mobile Data & Roaming Mobiele data & roaming
downloading Downloading Downloaden
download_no_storage_permission Cannot download files without storage permissions Kan geen bestanden downloaden zonder machtigingen
media_service_generic_error An error occurred Er is een fout opgetreden
media_service_item_not_found Media item could not be found Media item kon niet worden gevonden
media_service_car_section_recents Recently played Recentelijk afgespeeld
media_service_car_section_albums Albums Albums
media_service_car_section_artists Artists Artiesten
media_service_car_section_songs Songs Liedjes
media_service_car_section_genres Genres Genres
media_service_car_section_playlists Playlists Afspeellijsten
media_service_car_item_no_title No title Geen Titel
music_notification_channel Jellyfin Music Player Jellyfin Muziekspeler
music_notification_channel_description Used for music playback controls Wordt gebruikt voor muziek afspeelknoppen
notification_action_previous Previous Vorige
notification_action_rewind Rewind Terugspoelen